River Rock Treatment is a clinically driven outpatient substance use and mental health treatment center located on the eastern shoreline of scenic Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT. We provide a safe and supportive healing environment for each participant to find lasting and meaningful recovery.



River Rock Treatment is a new beginning for those struggling from substance abuse, mental health and addiction in the State of Vermont. River Rock is the only private outpatient treatment center currently in Vermont. Our staff is highly experienced and qualified in evidence based trauma informed care practices that are the foundation of the program. We are devoted to being present with each individual we treat so that each participant receives an individualized care plan. It is River Rocks mission to provide services that address the real world problems that people face each day.

Our participants will have access to services beyond group and individual therapy, but not limited to holistic wellness, community centered recovery coaching, yoga, CrossFit, adventure based programming and breath work practices. Our team of compassionate and ethically driven team members takes pride in providing the highest quality services for each participant who comes through our door.

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We are committed to creating a supportive, impactful and therapeutic community for men and women overcoming substance abuse and mental health disorders by enhancing our participant’s health and well being, allowing them to live responsibly and dependably, and striving to attain their boundless potential.

Our approach to doing this is through individual and group therapy within a strong clinical curriculum of evidence-based and trauma informed treatment alongside coping skills and recovery coaching in our Burlington, VT facility.

Our Blogs

Support Groups for Sustained Recovery

Support Groups for Sustained Recovery

Substance use disorder can separate us from the world; however, we do not have to be alone in recovery. Frankly, it’s unlikely that we will remain clean and sober alone. An important ingredient for long-term recovery from substance use disorder is participating in...

Morning Habits to Help with Sobriety

Morning Habits to Help with Sobriety

Today we're going to discuss morning habits to help with sobriety. For those with substance use disorder, getting sober isn’t just about putting down a drink or a drug. Frankly, that is just the beginning. Just as addiction revolves around the constant obtaining and...

Adventure Recovery: Healing in Nature

Adventure Recovery: Healing in Nature

There are many different pathways to recovery. Some are tried and true, evidence-base approaches, others are perhaps not. What we know, is that when we put down the drink or drug, and grab a hold of addictive patterns, we can change. First, we acknowledge what is...

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